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Triathlon bag review site that will update over time with new tri bags and as the alternatives develops we will help to give advice of which you should choose to take into your A race to make your race as enjoyable and as fast as possible. We are a new organisation trying to make a way in this very fast moving tri bag reviews market. Races are growing at such a fast rate that we will have to stay on our toes to keep this site up to date. Growing at the rate of between 5% & 9% depending on the area of the world that you look at.  We will be working in the back ground to ensure that you as the customer get the best advice to make your race day experience as enjoyable as possible. So have a look at the reviews see what you think and happy training.

triathlon bag reviews

Transition area

The transition area (the home of the tri gear & tri bag) is an area within the race environment that not many people practise – but a short amount of training can easily gain the triathlete one to two extra minutes off their finish times. We recommend you put your kit out ready in the order you will put it on. Lay it out near your bike. Have your helmet ready on your handlebars with the straps straight and undone. Remember that race belts save time as well as elastic laces and lace locks. If you wear the right clothing you will certainly speed up your race times. Don’t forget to practise your transition routine as well as swimming, cycling and running. This way you can make up a lot of time in transition.  So planning how you use your Triathlon bag  can really help.

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Triathlon bag, Tri bag are so useful in transition so read away and hopefully you chose a tri bag and tri box that you love and will use in countless races. Back to the reviews you go..