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Triathlon Gear Products Reviews 2017

What Triathlon gear do you need?

The sport of triathlon has three simple disciplines—you swim, you bike, you run. But you need a few key pieces triathlon gear to get yourself from the start line along the water’s edge to the finish line. And despite what you see at races–all the lightweight this and carbon fibre that–you don’t have to break the bank to get from point A to point B. Here’s a list of the bare essentials you really need to be ready for training and race day.

Triathlon Gear the Bike

Duh. Hard to do a triathlon without a bike. What kind do you need? If you’re just getting into the sport and doing your local sprint race, it can be your beach cruiser or mountain bike. You’re diving in with an Olympic-distance race, we think Dad’s old 10-speed will do the trick. As the tri bug bites you, then you can start thinking about getting a more appropriate bike, maybe with clip-on aerobars. But for now, any bike will do. Be sure to take it to your local shop to be sure everything’s tight and safe, that the tires are aired up and that the chain is lubed (nothing like hearing squeak squeak squeak for 10 miles). Don’t worry about feeling fast just yet—that’ll come later.

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Getting you race ready – Triathlonbox

Triathlonbox will take the sweat out of the multisport races. It has been designed to fit in all items of race kit. There is a place for the lot including wetsuit, goggles, sunglasses, suncream, trainers, bike shoes, water bottle, energy gels and more. The box fits on top of a bike for easy transportation to race transition zones. Inventor John-Paul Ashton said: “I was fed up with carrying lots of bags and bits and pieces to races. “The Triathlonbox has a place for everything and in one convenient place.”  Triathlonbox is now available through the website for £109 including delivery.

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Bike shorts

Yeah, it might feel funny to have that diapery-feeling pad under you when pulling on cycling shorts. But that pad—or chamois—serves a purpose. Aside from padding, it’s made of special microfibers that not only move with the skin but move smoothly against the skin, preventing chafing. The cotton of your tighty whities may seem fine, but cotton actually abrades the skin. Not good. A basic cycle short for training will make your bike-riding experience much more enjoyable.

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No, you don’t need an aero helmet.  If you want to be in the with the triathlon gear crowd then… And you don’t need a £100’s one with vented channels and carbon fiber structure. A £50 brain bucket will protect your head just as well as the expensive ones. Just be sure to get it from your local bike shop or wiggle, which generally carries brands that have passed standardised testing for safety. Bell, Giro and Specialized are among the top names in the category.

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Swimming Goggles

Triathlon Gear reveiw Zoggs Predator Flex Reactor

We recommend getting two pairs of swim goggles—one clear or light tint (for swimming at indoor pools and race day under cloudy conditions), and a smoke-tinted pair that act as sunglasses (such as the on days when the sun in your eyes can make sighting the buoys during the race a real challenge. Try them out in the store to be sure they fit. Some beginners find the mask style of goggles less claustrophobic than traditional goggles.

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Digital sports watch

After your first triathlon, you’ll want to pick up a little digital Timex to compare your times from that first event and see how you’ve progressed. A simple sport watch should offer split timing, allowing you to split up and separate your swim, bike and run times as components of your overall time.

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Triathlon Wetsuit

This is one you want to be sure to test well before race day so you can get used to it. There’s an inherent tightness that might feel odd at first, but that should go away the moment you get in the water. A swimming wetsuit is like a full-body floatie, helping you stay level on the water, as well as much warmer.  For more triathlon gear info Click Here