dhb Aeron Roubaix Bib Tight Product review

On a fairly warm winters day in Glasgow the team head out on a mountain bike of all things to do our initial test of the dhb Aeron Roubaix Bib Tight.  It’s not the normal mode of transport that we would use, normally we are road bikes all the way but given a chance to try something different we jump at it.  On initial inspection of the dhb Aeron Roubaix Bib Tight, very impressed with quality of the garment from the outset.  Long leg bib tights are not something that I have ever worn on the past as I am a fan of having my legs out as often as possible on the bike.  Then it hits me this might be way I struggle to motivate during the winter months and spend most of the time in the gym working out.

I slip on the dhb Aeron Roubaix Bib Tight after a much closer inspection of the all the seams and having a good look round this new product.  Very impressed with them adding zips to the lower leg to get them on easily.  Once on and positioned correctly I barley even notice that they are on as they are so comfy.  I have gone for a medium sized dhb Aeron Roubaix Bib Tight as the size guide was very handy and give me the indication that this would be best for me.

On the bike review

Mounting the MTB for the first time was like climbing into a comfy armchair as the level of padding was what I would describe as excessive on first sitting on the fairly harsh race day saddle.  Once I adjusted myself in the saddle and been on the bike for five minutes I realised that as a triathlete I am now so used to little or no protection that the level padding was amazingly comfortable.  The level of comfort as we climbed out of Glasgow was incredible.  When we got to the top of the climb I was also very impressed that I’d made it, secondly that I was still very comfortable.  I had hardly even noticed the clothing to be honest which is a fantastic review as I am normally quite squirmy in cycling clothing a struggle to find a decent level of comfort.

On the decent back into Glasgow the padding and the comfort level really let me go as fast as my limited MTB skills would let me.  Enjoying the speed and the views as we went through heather, bog and stony pathways. On the MTB these where amazing, at 10 degrees that day there was only about 1 minute at the top of the 20% climb that needed to let any more air in wearing these Bib Tights in conjunction with the XXXX made this cycling outfit the perfect combination for this type of riding.

For a two hour mountain bike ride I couldn’t recommend the dhb Aeron Roubaix Bib Tight highly enough – I will go on to test on a road bike in the coming weeks and let you know how we get on with them on the road.

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dhb Aeron Roubaix Bib Tight Product specs

The dhb Aeron Roubaix is a new improved version of the top-rated Vaeon Pro Roubaix Bib tight. At the heart of these tights is a top-level Tour Air chamois to support you over endurance distance rides.  dhb Performance range is designed to get the enthusiast outside and enjoying their sport all year round, whatever the conditions.

dhb Performance level kit

  • The dhb Aeron Roubaix is a new improved version of the top-rated Vaeon Pro Roubaix Bib tight
  • Italian Roubaix brushed fleece fabric for Winter use
  • Roubaix braces with mesh back panel to aid thermal comfort
  • Cytech Elastic interface Tour HP Air chamois (cycling pad)
  • Reflective dhb logo on backside and right side leg
  • Reflective fabric panels on upper leg
  • dhb branded elastic leg opening with silicone gripper
  • Durable YKK lock down ankle zippers

dhb Aeron Roubaix Bib Tight

Using high performance fabrics, advanced technologies and robust construction methods, dhb Performance garments are suitable for energetic and sustained efforts. With the widest variety of products on offer – each with a considered specification, the dhb Performance range provides extensive choice for all-season riders.

The Aeron Roubaix legwear uses dhb’s tried and tested Italian Roubaix fabric to give you reliable, high-level warmth and best comfort. Each piece is finished with reflective logo’s and panels to support you in flat, low visibility winter conditions. The Aeron Bib Tight has great thermal performance to help you reach your goals in the colder Autumn, Winter and Spring seasons.

At the heart of these tights is a top-level ‘Tour Air’ Cytech Elastic Interface seat pad. It has been chosen for its proven ability to provide gender specific comfort and support over endurance distances (giving you the most miles in the saddle over the Veloce and Giro Air alternatives). The area of protection is wider than a discipline specific pad meaning this is a great pair of tights for both road and XC riders.

A dual density foam construction is used for varied cushioning in the area’s where more force is placed on the sit bones. This gives added pressure relief, without bulk, and additional flexibility. The elasticity of the pad allows it to flex when you pedal for superior freedom of movement and to help reduce friction on the inner thigh. The addition of a perforated layer offers improved airflow for enhanced breathability and moisture management to keep you cool and dry when pushing to your limits.

About the dhb Aeron range

Originating from our award-winning bib shorts, and now expanded to an extensive cycle clothing range, dhb Aeron delivers exceptional performance for all day riding – whatever the weather. High performance fabrics, advanced technologies and an aerodynamic fit combine to produce luxuriously comfortable and dependable clothing you can trust to deliver in all conditions.

About Cycling Tights

Winter cycling tights, also known as ‘longs’ are the best way to keep your leg muscles warm when the weather turns cold. Fleecy backed fabrics are comfortable next to your skin and help retain warmth, even when they’re wet. Look for double-layer knees to keep your joints protected. Calf-length tights, also known as ‘knickers’ are great for days when it’s not too cold but you want to keep your knees warm.

About the dhb brand

dhb is a technical sports apparel brand, founded in Hampshire, UK, in 2004. We are passionate about the exhilaration of being outside and enjoying sport. Our cycling and running collections are designed for all levels of participant – from novice to professional. We believe ‘there’s no such thing as bad weather’. dhb aim to provide a wide range of products from a 2.5 layer waterproof jacket to a 90g racing jersey, to keep you outside, doing what you love, all year round.

At dhb, our in-house design & development team in London work with global partners who are experts in manufacturing, materials and technology to deliver the highest quality products. We strive to create stylish and durable apparel that allows our users to forget about gear and focus on their sport.

dhb are proud to have won Clothing Brand of the Year at the Total Women’s Cycling Awards 2015, voted for by their fans.

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dhb Aeron Roubaix Bib Tight

dhb Aeron Roubaix Bib Tight



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          • good fit
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