Bib Shorts – Should you Buy dhb Classic?

dhb Classic Bib Shorts

First question I ask when reviewing any product, “Would I buy this again?”.  Yes the dhb classic bib shorts would be something I would buy again. As a creature of habit that is always an excellent start to any review.

Over the years as a triathlete I have used so much triathlon gear from some of the stupidest ideas through to some ground breaking bits of kit that really can help you be the best that you want to be.  I have mainly been buying from various auction sites and getting some great deals on inferior bits of training gear.  As I’ve got to a point where I really want to enjoy the very short amount of time I can get in the saddle have I looked at buying some better bits of gear.  These DHB Classic Bib Shorts are one of those such purchases where I have decided to treat myself to some higher end cycling gear.

I can remember seeing a family friend Andy Cooper in a pair of these some bib shorts some years ago on a cycling weekend.  I remember laughing saying why have you got these silly looking shorts on for cycling.  Who is laughing now as I have been missing out on cycling comfort for all this time.  The feel, fit and padding in these short is superb.  the support is in all the right places at the right time to optimise cycling output and comfort.


Gym Test

The majority of the riding I do week to week is in the gym.  Yes I said it, I get up and arrive at the gym most mornings for 0600 and get on the spin bikes.  Any Bib shorts that I was going to get had to pass a couple of serious tests.  Firstly they have to be comfy as they get used two to three times and week.  They also have to pass the wash and dry routine that ALL my clothes go through, even the cashmere Micro jumper that I now own, (What a tool I was for drying that).

These bib shorts are very well constructed and there are some serious design though gone into this entry level pair of shorts. At £45 they are going to get some serious hammer over the winter months as I have decided to treat myself to at least one weekly ride outside so these shorts have to be comfy under multiple layers to keep me warm.  Having had them out on the road this weekend they have passed that test, keeping me cool when needed with the comfort I’d expect from a higher end cycling product.

dhb cycling bib shorts padding is well designed and all in the right place.

I would thoroughly recommend buying at least one pair of dhb Classic Bib Shorts and personally there is a strong change that I’ll be buying another pair so that I have the two pairs that I need to keep up with the amount of training that I do. One thing is to pay attention to the size guide as I was dubious of the recommended size but it was spot on when i arrived and very happy with my choice.

Recommend buying these for £45 you cannot get better quality for the price point.

cycling bib shorts dhb

dhb Classic – Timeless Design. Performance. Simplicity.

Cycling isn’t complicated, and neither is dhb Classic. Expanded in 2016 to a head-to-toe collection, dhb Classic combines clean, timeless designs with technical fabrics to form a comprehensive performance cycle clothing range. From Caps to Socks, Gloves to Waterproof Jackets, the dhb Classic collection has everything you need to enjoy your ride.

Specialist Performance Fabrics

Made from a soft mesh bib and a Lycra Sport short fabric construction, the dhb Classic Bib Short has been designed to help you perform at your best. The Action 205 Lycra has been chosen due to its powerful stretch and returning qualities. Offering a light compression effect and full freedom of movement to support muscles, encourage efficient blood circulation and enhance rider comfort. Mesh bibs aid with air flow and ventilation to prevent over-heating and maintain dryness and comfort whilst riding.

CyTech Elastic Interface “Giro Super Air” Seatpad

The shorts feature a Cytech Elastic Interface ‘Giro Super Air’ cycling pad within the package. The air pad offers anatomical shaping, an excellent level of comfort and has been engineered to give improved airflow. The pad is designed to be comfortable for 3-5hrs riding with an indisputable reputation for durability.

Additional Features

Elastic leg openings with silicone grippers create a secure and bunch-free fit while durable flatlock stitching minimises friction and chafing. Finally reflective dhb logos add a touch of low light visibility.

About Lycra Cycling bib Shorts

Cycle shorts offer unrestricted movement on the bike with the added benefit of a chamois for comfort. They are the traditional cycling leg wear for any distance rider. Lycra shorts hold their internal pad in the ideal position throughout the ride, offering comfort and cushioning for both on and off road riding. Lycra shorts stretch with your body so there are no seams to rub you up the wrong way or restrict your pedalling motion. They are lightweight in material and since there is only one layer of thin fabric, they breathe well and keep you cool on hot days, or can be used under a pair of winter tights. Higher end models will have more panels and will generally fit better, a good pair of shorts is essential for longer rides and combined with a chamois crème make a wise investment.

Top Features of the dhb Classic Bib Shorts

  • Italian high performance fabric
  • Breathable mesh braces
  • Cytech Elastic Interface “Giro Super Air” chamois
  • Elastic leg opening with silicone gripper
  • Reflective dhb logos

dhb Classic Bib Shorts

dhb Classic Bib Shorts

Italian high performance fabric


    Breathable mesh braces


      Cytech Elastic Interface


        Reflective dhb logos



          • Fit
          • Price point


          • You might have to buy two pairs
          • No Colour options