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dhb cycling – dhb Blok Prism Softshell Thermal Jacket

dhb Blok Prism Softshell Thermal Jacket

Winter riding has always been something that I personally have struggled with.  Over the years I have been of the personal opinion that when the deep winter kicks in its time to hit the turbo.  This dhb cycling jacket – Blok Prism Softshell Thermal Jacket combined with the dhb bib tights could be the ones to change that opinion.

The dhb Blok Prism Softshell Thermal Jacket is of the highest of quality.  Having always just picked up pieces of cycling kit from random shops and random brands. The high quality of this jacket really could change this habit.  The jacket has a full length high quality YKK zip which gives a reassuring seal as you zip into this cycling jacket.  The high quality very thin wind resistant membrane really does give a feeling of comfort and support as you ready yourself to step out in to the cool morning air. The design gives all the flexibility that you need when out on the road.  When rotating to look behind you at junctions the jacket seal stays put.

Once you have slipped on the jacket, the firm cuff grips and internal chin guard are so well designed that the air has ‘no chance’.  Keeping your internal temperature high, almost too high for anything over 10 degrees.  The jacket is so comfortable, that during the testing I resorted to wearing it round the house.  The triple rear pockets mead it handy to carry post ride snacks around the house! Once I had washed the jacket obviously – I’m not a tramp.

dhb Cycling jacket rear pockets – A real Plus in design

One of the neatest design on the dhb Blok Prism Softshell Thermal Jacket is the rear pockets for me.  As an avid road cyclist I will often build up quite a sweat.  The Centre pocket has sweat resistant barrier to help keep valuables dry from all angles.  Genius idea that, when coupled with a zippable key pocket makes these rear pockets ideal for any length ride.  Especially if you are a heavy sweater and want to keep your phone dry.

The only thing that I found about the dhb cycling Blok jacket was that it felt a little short.  Only at the front but at a little over 6ft I am not the tallest.  If you are 6ft 2 + then you might want to think about your layering with this product.  When coupled with the dhb bib I had absolute confidence that there would be no drafts, no matter how tall you are.  The Internal elasticated silicone gripper on hem gave the confidence that there is no slippage on a road ride.

This dhb cycling jacket coupled with the dhb aeron bib is an amazing addition to any keen cyclist winter gear cupboard, or cupboards if you are lucky. I would highly recommend this jacket.  Its comfortable on the road, mountain bike and around the house.  Much to the annoyance of my wife who thinks that I spend too much time with the other ladies in my life.

dhb cycling – Blok Prism Softshell Jacket Improvements?

I am always once to look for perfection in anything that I do or buy so what would I change.  The cuffs on the jacket are a little too long for me as a triathlete.  Not being able to see my Garmin XXX when on the short rides was a little annoying. On the longer rides when the Garmin is cross bar mounted no issues at all.  The longer cuffs on the longer rides sealed in the warmth perfectly. As mentioned above if you are tall then the front end of this jacket might be a little short unless twinned with bib shorts. If these are the only thing that I can pick up with this middle to lower end priced jacket then you really are in for a treat.

dhb cycling - dhb Blok Prism Softshell Thermal Jacket

 Top Features of the dhb Blok Prism Softshell Thermal Jacket

  • Wind resistant membrane with water protection
  • Performance fit
  • Full length, lock down YKK zip
  • Internal chin guard
  • 3 vertical pockets with secure RHS zip pocket
  • Hi-visibility reflective detailing on rear pockets
  • Centre pocket has sweat resistant barrier to help keep valuables dry
  • Internal elasticated silicone gripper on hem
  • Ergonomic fitting elastic cuffs

 Blok: Ride in Colour

With a focus on uplifting gradients and bold layers of colour, dhb Blok is here to remind you that modern cycling isn’t all about KOMs and PBs. Now in its third year, dhb Blok has been visually reinvented and hits full stride, showcasing fresh, colourful and confident designs for 2016 which convey a sense of motion, speed and blur. Contemporary designs meet modern fabrics to ensure no compromise in performance. Ride in colour with dhb Blok – you might just get that PB after all.

Keep Warm Air In, Cold Air out                                    

When the air turns cold and the wind picks up, use the dhb Blok Softshell Windslam Roubaix Jacket to keep you warm and protected in the coldest environments. The combination of a warm, soft, fleecy Roubaix fabric and the Windslam technology are perfect for aerobic activity, making it the ideal jacket for commuting, sportives and leisure rides. On intense climbs, a full length zip can be opened to increase airflow to your body, while the Windslam is kept only to the front of the garment to ensure better breathability at the rear.

dhb cycling review - triathlonbag

About Windslam Technology

Windslam is a highly effective windproof barrier in the dhb cycling range. This prevents wind from causing a chill to your core. Helping you to regulate your temperature more efficiently and increasing rider comfort in colder environments. The Windslam membrane is sandwiched between the front layers of the garment.  The area most effected by increased wind flow whilst cycling, and blocks the wind from entering through the fabric. Tried, tested and endorsed by Pro athletes to keep them training all through the winter season.

About Cycling Windproof Jackets

Windproof jackets can improve your comfort levels on the bike considerably when the weather turns nasty. Factors such as wind resistance and high breathability are important if you will be riding at a high pace over a fair distance. With wearing a good quality base or mid layer to help with wicking moisture away from your skin. A windproof cycle jacket will help keep the cold air from reaching your chest. This means your body stays warm and comfortable on those cold days.

About the dhb cycling brand

dhb cycling is a technical sports apparel brand, founded in Hampshire, UK, in 2004. We are passionate about the exhilaration of being outside and enjoying sport. Our cycling and running collections are designed for all levels of participant – from novice to professional. We believe ‘there’s no such thing as bad weather’, which is why we aim to provide a wide range of products from a 2.5 layer waterproof jacket to a 90g racing jersey. To keep you outside, doing what you love, all year round.

At dhb, our in-house design & development team in London work with global partners who are experts in manufacturing, materials and technology to deliver the highest quality products. We strive to create stylish and durable apparel that allows our users to forget about gear and focus on their sport.

dhb are proud to have won Clothing Brand of the Year at the Total Women’s Cycling Awards 2015.

dhb Blok Prism Softshell Thermal Jacket

dhb Blok Prism Softshell Thermal Jacket



    good fit


      pocket style





          • Warmth
          • Price
          • neat pocket design


          • Short - If you are 6ft +